The Whole Truth真相背後 ปริศนารูหลอน

The Whole Truth真相背後 ปริศนารูหลอน

演員: 索姆波布·本賈蒂庫爾薩達農·杜隆卡沃尼科·塞瑞奧爾特塔麗卡·緹達迪蘇卡達·顧瓏希
分類: 電影 > 恐怖
字幕: 中文 語言: 泰語    
介質: dvd9 碟數: 1 集數: 全集

零售價 台幣$ 300 批發價 台幣$ 250



劇情介紹 (The Whole Truth真相背後 ปริศนารูหลอน)
  When their mother is hospitalized in a car accident, Pim and Putt suddenly discover that they have a set of grandparents they've never known about. But a terrifying truth has long been hidden within the walls of their grandparents’ house, a truth that gradually reveals itself to Pim and Putt through a mystical hole, unleashing hair-raising horror on their family.
精彩劇照 (The Whole Truth真相背後 ปริศนารูหลอน)
The Whole Truth真相背後 ปริศนารูหลอน